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TDDR: Integrated Development Plan of the “Metropolitan Pole of Hellinikon – Aghios Kosmas | Hellinikon – Aghios Kosmas
  • TDDR of the proposals during the Tendering Process: Review of the proposal submitted by “Hellinikon Global I S.A.” (proposal prepared by “Foster & Partners” + Local Consultants) (Jan.-May 2014)
  • TDDR for the Integrated Zoning Plan (Nov.2016-Feb.2017)
  • TDDR for the “Metropolitan Park of Green & Leisure Areas”:2,000 stremmas
  • TDDR for the “Urbanized Zones”: 3,000stremmasTDDR for the “Development Zones”: 1,000 stremmas

Client: Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund -HRADF