Behind Decathlon


Architect – Planner Dr. Synadinos Born in Patras in 1954 and studied architecture at the Polytechnic School of Turin. He received his degree in 1977 and he also holds two Masters degrees: from Panteion University in Regional Development, 1979 and from the University of New York in Urbanism, 1983. PhD from the University of the Aegean – Department environment, 1996. Subject of his doctoral thesis: “the impact of the Olympic Games in major urban centers.” He has received international awards for his participation in working groups of architectural and urban planning competitions: Manufacturing Plant Barry in Patras – conversion into a Cultural Centre, University of Cyprus – campus for 10,000 students and for his contribution to the construction of the Arcadian Village (150 houses) to Saint Andrew Kynouria.


He was born in Athens on 1948. He graduated as an Architect from the National Technical University of Athens and as a postgraduate on Planning, Social Statistics and O.R. from Brunel London University. During 1970s he worked as an Architect-Planner with “Manning, Clamp + Partners” in London. He returned to Greece and during 1980s he worked as Director with the “Greek Public Property Corporation” and was appointed head of the Technical Division of the Greek Foreign Ministry. During early 1990 he worked as an expert with the European Commission on the program of housing European Diplomatic Representations and on contractual management of International Contracts of Major Projects. He was a member of the coordinating team for the preparation of the official bid proposal of Athens for the Olympic Games. He was for 15 years the Managing Director of Decathlon SA, being the project Architect-Planner for a large number of major projects. During the last 5 years he has been systematically involved in the preparation of Special Zoning Land Use-Plans for the development of important Public Property assets and of assets for Strategic (Major) Private Investments. He has been appointed as a member of juries of International Competitions and has published a large number of scientific articles and essays.