The project concerns the construction of the New Facilities of the Panathinaikos Athletic Club in Botanikos in the area specified by the Double Redevelopment, which also includes a football stadium, parking areas and extensive open spaces.

The area has an elevation difference of approximately six metres to the south and is characterised by unobstructed views of the Acropolis and Lycabettus, Ymittos, Egaleo, Parnitha and Penteli. This view will be reduced with the expected development of the area but will not be eliminated.

The complex will have a multi-purpose character and will accommodate uses that are both of a competitive and training nature. In addition, it will offer all those supporting facilities that make it possible to hold international matches while serving the proper operations of the club.

The intention of the project is to restore continuity in the natural flow of traffic in order for public access to the area. The building complex is shaped as a composition of volumes expressing their functional structure. The individual volumes are permeable to the gaze and movement, composing a porous complex. The central element of the composition is the building of the large Arena, which dominates from all sides. Complementing this is the platform that surrounds it and displays a single linear view to the south. Two volumes emerge on the platform, one of the training hall, whose low height allows it to appear as a slope and disappear from the volume of the overall composition, while in the east appears the volume of the administration building.

Part of the plaza to the east is covered by a structure that provides shading for the swimming pool stands.

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